Time To Talk Green !

We often see small to large residential developments with lighting on 24 hours a day, illuminating areas which are infrequently used - lighting which is unnecessarily operating during daylight hours. For example, within stairwells with windows or vast areas such as long corridors or car parks fully illuminated and not a sole to be seen. Another common occurence is on the other extreme, where fluorescent lights turn on then off at the slightest movement, giving out a dim level of light.

Many presume these are the most cost effective way to run common part lighting but research proves they would be wrong!

With today demands to reduce carbon foot prints and pressure from residents to find ways to reduce the financial resources required to run and maintain the lighting within internal and external common parts, these systems are not cost effective due to 24 hour energy consumption or frequent lamp replacement.

Because of this we have invested heavily in sourcing and proving viability of many of today energy saving options, by finding the best mixture to give the highest savings.We are committed to continue to invest resources to find suitable products in the future.

We can design and install systems that will reduce the energy consumption by up to 60% and reduce maintenance visits costs by 80%.

We can retro fit existing light fitting to reduce initial costs if they are suitable.

We have fluorescent lighting options that will not require any lamp replacements for between three and five years.We give a written guarantee to replace them Free of charge if they fail in the first two years.

LED Lighting is another option, low energy consumption and maintenance free for up to five years, ideal for feature lighting, giving a lighting scheme some colour. But recent improvement have meant it can be used as intelligent street lighting that dims when there is no movement.

Although the initial investment can seem to be high, the long term savings offered means this initial outlay is recovered normally within a few years after this the savings are in the bank.

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